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Telldén, Erik
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Jeansson, E., Telldén, E. & Khashayar, F. (2012). 3D Online: Crowdsourcing for city planning. GIM International, 26(12), 28-31
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2012 (engelsk)Inngår i: GIM International, ISSN 1566-9076, Vol. 26, nr 12, s. 28-31Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert) Published
Abstract [en]

This article examines how several Swedish cities are encouraging public involvement in city planning through crowdsourcing. City planners in these cities have realized that crowdsourcing using modern social media platforms offers an interesting new communication channel especially in the earlier phases of the planning process for a local or master plan. The city planning office of City of Gothenburg has decided to establish a web-based citizen portal as a 'meeting point' for citizens to increase citizens' knowledge of and involvement in city planning and to create a place for debate. The City of Motala has decided to add a web-based interactive 3D map, based on the CityPlanner tool by Agency9 to one of its local plans to make it easier and more interesting to learn about the project. A link to the 3D map has been added to the traditional PDF documents provided on the city's web page for local plans to achieve this objective.

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GITC B.V, 2012
collective action, communication, Internet, local participation, mapping method, planning method, social network, three-dimensional modeling, urban planning
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